Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pick Me, Pick Me

Its really windy tonight. Leaves are swirling all over the streets of downtown Seattle.
As I was walking around...gusts of wind pushed me down the street. There were leaves that had already jumped ship from their Mother Tree. It seemed as if the ones left on the branches were waiting for their chance. As if to say...pick me, pick me!
Don't we all want that feeling? We all want to be the one chosen. So I watched the beauty of leaves doing their dance. I was in awe of the grace of them spinning in circles. I felt like the ones skipping ahead of me were showing me the way down the street. Almost giggling at the air that gave them lift.
It was humbling and gorgeous to watch. I feel honored to be witness to their games of chase.

Peace Out

Monday, October 22, 2012

Miss you like crazy

I miss you. I miss everything you gave me. I miss how much you appreciated what I gave you.
You were like a gift. Your humor. I got you and you got me. We were so dark and lovely.
My heart hurts that I can no longer speak to you. My heart hurts that without warning....or warning I couldn't see, you were suddenly gone. I shoulder the fact that I thought you would be here for a long time.
You had to go. I couldn't stop that. There were other things whispering in your ear. I understand. I really do. Things beyond your control. Your time came and you had to go.
I just want you to know that there is a empty place inside of me. A hole punched out. Your time was not enough. I wring my hands not knowing what to do with them. I shuffle my feet wondering where to walk without you.
My jokes go misunderstood without your sick humor. Our sick humor.
I miss you like crazy...

Peace Out

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was thinking today, as I was driving around, that I love fall. I always have. But this year, I feel like fall is passing me by. I am not paying attention this year. The leaves are turning but I feel like I am not basking in the change.
Which led me to think about the finite things in life. Because if you think about it, we only get so many falls.
I need to sit up and take notice. Notice of sooooooo many things that we all will only have so many of...

Newspapers read
Books read
Movies seen

I could go on and on. I am going to dial into this fall.
The one thing that I can promise will never ever ever be finite...
How much I love my children.

Peace Out