Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The What Ifs pt 7,800,0283,802,9830

I am stinkin tired today. The what ifs came for a midnight visit and didn't leave until 6 a.m.. Those fuckers know how to party!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last night they were loud and obnoxious. Making way too much noise in my head. The following is what they left me to clean up......

What if I never see my favorite beach in Thailand again?
What if the sky is falling?
What if I become allergic to beer?
What if I win the lottery?
What if one of my kids wins and oscar? Cuz the are ALL about the drama!
What if I gain 50 pounds overnight and have no clothes that fit me in the morning?
What if they canceled pinterest?
What if Bachelor Ben really does marry that crazy bitch?
What if I grow my toe nails so long that I can't wear shoes?
What if there is a cure for the common cold?
What if I get asked to be on DWTS?
What if I color my hair blond?
What if I never get a French Bulldog?
What if these dogs we have now NEVER FREAK-ING DIE???????????????
What if I teach my kids to do all the laundry?
What if I became a body builder?
What if I become a race car driver?

No wonder  I can't sleep! So many questions.

Peace Out

Friday, March 09, 2012

Well shit....

I just read a new friends blog about loosing her daughter in utero.
Here's the thing that shocks me on a more global level...
We all walk around this world with our own story. No two are ever alike. They could be parallel or have similar qualities. We may or may or may not know our friends story. Maybe we walk by strangers everyday that we have more in common with than we will ever know.
You/We don't get to this age with out heart ache. with out knowing loss.
My husband lost his wife to cancer. Her children lost their mother. My friend lost a baby for some unknown reason.
One just never knows what lurks behind the mask we all wear.
I feel sad for this gal. It was a few years ago. I didn't know her. But now I do and some puzzle pieces come together in my mind about her. It makes me appreciate her even more. I am not appreciating her loss, but her presence in the world, in my world. I get where the dry funny dark remarks come from. Remarks I enjoy on a daily basis!!!!

Peace Out