Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last night I went and saw Anthony Bourdain speak here in Seattle where I live.
He is dark, funny, jaded, and sarcastic...just like I like!
He is a chef and traveler. He is a lover of all things pork.
My friend Rose went with me and we met up with Chad, my friend Shannon's husband. I had such a good time. I hope they did too!
He is the main reason for my trip to Thailand and some of the place that I visited while I was there. And I told him so!
After his talk, he signed his latest book. I leaned in very close to get a whiff of him while he signed my book. I breathed in deep and what I found was the most intoxicating aroma of beer and pork. can take me now!

Peace Out

Friday, June 11, 2010

Goody Proctor and the Gang

Have you read The Crucible? Do you know much about the Salem Witch Trials?
I ask this because my book club, yes book club, how Oprah of me, read a book last month that dealt with this particular time period. At our meeting, while discussing the book, the conversation turned to a question if witchcraft was really involved or if it was a case of mob mentality.
I personally lean towards the latter. Because really....haven't we all been apart of gossip? Whether it be the gossiper or gossiped? I know I have. I know I will be again.
The thing that strikes me about the Witch Trials is the uneducated-ignorant environment of it all. Women were killed. Some children too. I don't believe that any spells were going on. I think that herbs and such were being put together that helped people in some explicable way. I think that women were doing this because they wanted to help people, being the caregiviers. Some were midwives that would be blamed if children died at birth. The accusers stood behind religion as a weapon to kill those who did things they didn't understand. There was no FDA, TV, or internet then. Some took it upon themselves to the judge, jury, and executioner.
And still today I think things like this happen. When a teenager, a mere child, kills herself because of being bullied. She wasn't burned at the stake. She saved her tormentors that task. She offed herself.
High school is a witch trial, PTA is a witch trial, any situation were two can gang up on one can become a witch trial.
Who have you left swinging in the wind lately? Or are you the one swinging?

Peace Out