Friday, March 19, 2010

Thailand Pictures

I have posted my Thailand pics. Follow the link to see them.
I am still digesting my trip and find it hard to sum up just yet.
The let down has been intense. The memories are wonderful.

Peace Out

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Country Road Take Me Home

I have not blogged since leaving Bangkok due to simply sitting on my ass all day looking at the ocean. I have so much to tell and so many feelings about it all.
Today I begin my journey home.
I fly to Phuket, Bangkok, Seoul, and lastly Seattle. I have no doubt that part of the trip is just as important as any of it.
I left my home by the beach with tears and laughing. Good byes and promises to keep in touch. We all hugged and raised our glass to good times. The owner came out this morning to give me hugs and wishes for good luck in my life.
As I type my eyes well up. I am humbled by the kindness. Being so far from home yet knowing while on the earth I am home.
I relish the thought of going home to my family. Looking my children in the eye. Sweet giggles and gifts from a far.
I will never be the same. Just as giving birth changed me, just as cancer has changed me, so has this trip.
As they say here in Thailand...

Same Same
but different

Peace Out