Monday, May 23, 2011

My Sweet Gentleman Cat

I did not complete my 30 days of shitte.
I jumped off board of that to chaos....
Not all bad but none the less chaos.
The good, went to Mexico for a week with mi amore and two good friends. I will save that for another blog.

The bad, as I mentioned in one of my 30 days of blogging, my sweet gentleman cat was on his way to catnip fields forever. Today he went. And with a heavy heart I tell you that I have lost one of the most loyal, true, loving companions of my life. He has been every where with me. Texas, to Seattle, two kids, two cancers. His unconditional love was undying. He never left me when I fucked up. He never left me when I was sick or happy or sad. He was my buddy through and through.
I was with him today. Making the decision was brutal. As hard as it was, I stuck by his side during the last moment of his life. Thanking him for everything he had ever taught me or done for me. It was so peaceful and I am honored to of been there.
My house is still today. No clik clat claws on my wood floor. No swishing tail or occasional shout out meow to find out where in the house I am. Just still silence.
I miss you Diego, my kitty prince.

Peace Out