Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Did You Do Today?

2:30 A.M.- Wake up
3:15 A.M.- Open at Starbucks
7:30 A.M.- Off work
8:40 A.M- Take Elliot to the bus
9:00 A.M.- Laundry, dishes, vacuum. play with Wyatt
11:30 A.M.- Make lunch for me and Wyatt
12:15- Force Wyatt to take a nap so I can take a nap
3:30- Finish laundry
4:30- Get Elliot off the bus
4:45- Make a snack for the girls and start Elliot on her homework and get Wyatt to write her name
5:45- Make dinner
6:30- Do dishes, start girls on a bath
8:00- In bed reading to girls
8:30- Lights off

How was your day?

Peace Out

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pho You!

Until 2 weeks ago, I had never eaten Top Ramen cooked. Yea, I had it uncooked in an Asian type salad but never cooked.
HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hit the jack pot to find a package in my pantry that was "Oriental Flavor"
So I cooked it up. Then I put in hoison and red chili sauce. It was gooooood. It tasted just like my favorite soup. Pho. Pho is pronounced fu as in f#*k you. Or rhymes with duh. I love to get Pho'ed up. I Pho'in love it! Traditionally Pho is a Vietnamiese noodle soup. You can have it with beef or chicken or tofu. My family prefers it with beef. My kids love it and often request it.
When I have a cold, it's my go to meal.
You can make it as spicey or unspicey as you like it. We like bean sprouts, raw jalapenos, Thia basil and chili sauce in ours. It's cheap, hot and good.
But now I have discovered my fake Pho. My Oriental flavored Top Ramen. Seven for a dollar. Can't beat that, now can you?
There is a place we like to go here in town called What the Pho. Great name, great Pho.
But now I know if I am really hungry, yet too tired to leave the house I can always have my fake Pho!!
It's Pho'in GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace the Pho Out

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who is Trixila?

Folks ask me quite often where I came up with the name trixila. I have been using it since I ever got my first email account at Yahoo.
It stems from the name Trixi LaDoux. A fake name I used to use when I wouldn't tell people my real name. You know, for security reasons...
So it got shortened to trixila. See there's nothing really saucy about it or spammish. Just a silly name that has staying power.

Peace Out

Saturday, October 04, 2008

House of Cards

I have to say that these last couple of months have been hectic. Elliot started first grade. Wyatt started pre-school. I started working. We're living on one car indefinitely. It's all really small potatoes compared to illness, but still it's been a bit crazy.
I am really liking my job although I get up at the crack of my ass early. I turned a corner last week and seem to be getting a little better at it. It's a lot to remember and with this chemo brain of mine I remember nothing these days. So I take it as a personal challenge to learn my job well enough to be good at it. Never mind that I forget words or the complete meaning of simple phrases. There are days I forget peoples names. People I see everyday.
I will rise to this occasion!!!!
Hmmmm let me see what else....
Just truckin along. Enjoying the arrival of fall. The wind has been blowing like crazy and at this time it feels as though the big bad wolf will blow our house down. But I like the rain and wind and tumbling leaves.
Happy Fall!

Peace Out