Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My New Job

I just realized today that I have a new job. It's called being the mother of a kindergartener. Yup, it's a full time job.
The pay is not that great and I work about 25 hours a day.
You see, I don't like to be booked up and scheduled too much. The pinch is, I am, now that Elliot has started big girl school. Some of it is self imposed and some is having 2 kids. I have a dear friend that has been busy since the day I met her. She never seems to tire or complain. I on the other hand do nothing but bitch and moan. She says I have a sense of entitlement, and I do. I am entitled to complain about being busy.
I constantly feel like I am forgetting something. If you have ever heard of chemo brain...I have it!
I can't remember things and words and sometimes the names of my children. I do not kid here. I seriously can't remember anything!!!!!!!!!
I know that there a folks in the world that would line up for my problems. I have a good life. Just right now, I feel as though I am falling down a deep deep abyss.
On top of it all, a lady at the grocery store today asked me if Wyatt was my grand daughter. Do I look that freakin' fried?
Perhaps so. I need a raise and more comp time...

Peace Out

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Bum Is Talking To You

This afternoon after church, Wyatt, my two year old daughter, was cooking lunch with me. As she stood there stirring a pan she let out a really huge toot!!!!!!!!!!

Me: WYATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wyatt: (smiling) My bum is talking to you.
Me: What's it saying?
Wyatt: It saying I love you.

I hope she tells her husband that someday.

Peace Out

Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Daughter's Mother

I am the mother of two female children. I have no idea what it would be like to mother a son. I am sure there are many things I would do differently if I had boys, but I don't and the point is moot.
I think about the kind of women I want my girls to grow up to be. I don't mean in the sense that they should be cheerleaders or scholars, jocks or musicians. I mean in how they treat themselves and how the expect others to treat them.
We teach children to be kind to others, but do we teach them to be kind to themselves? Do we teach them to love themselves? Did your parents tell you to love yourself? Maybe the did, maybe they didn't. Did they tell you that you are smart? Did they tell you that you could be anything and do anything you set your heart to?
My mom did not tell me these things. I saw things as a child that no child should even know about. I saw things that would make me hate myself. I was not told to go to college. I was not told I was just fine the way I was.
I feel as a mother of two girls, I really need to invest in their self worth. I know every child should have that, I am just focusing on my girls.
I take great care to NEVER say the words "I'm fat." I take care to never give the impression that life would be better if I were physically different. A major reason I will never have reconstruction on my mastectomy is the fact that I need to show my girls that there is no physical attribute that will define who I am as a woman/human. I am not against what others do. I just need to do this in my house. Which is another lesson. Don't worry about what others do or think, worry about what feels right in your own house.
We talk about eating healthy and exercising to be healthy. These two subjects are not moral issues at my house. You are not good or bad for the choices you make. We just imply healthy choices make you feel good. There's no judgment whether you eat meat or junk food. Eating fried tofu can kill your heart just like a french fry. Don't get uppity with me about this.
My friend Shannon sent me the link below. It got me thinking about all this.
If we do not teach girls they rock no matter what, believe me...someone else will, and they do not love your children.

Peace Out

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Think Pink

I have gone pink for the month of October.
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.
If you are reading this blog, you have been touched by breast cancer. I may be a friend, or relative, acquaintance, or the lady you pass at the grocery store. Whatever I am to you, consider yourself touched. You now know someone with breast cancer. You lucky devil :)
The good news is, I am not contagious. The bad news is, I have no boobs.
I kid, I kid...
I hope and pray that if you do know me, or if you read this by chance, that I am the ONLY person you know who has breast cancer. May it never touch your life again, or mine.

Peace Out