Saturday, February 21, 2009

Suck It FaceBook

Dear Facebook,
You acted like you were soooo into me. Messages from afar. Folks wanting to hear my story. Friends in the triple digits. It was everything I dreamed of...
Now the honeymoon is over. I ignored the signs at first. I thought you loved my attention. I felt that I really made you happy when I logged in. But the bloom is off the rose and I and starting to notice you don't have that much to say to me anymore. I try and get more friends to make you happy, but honestly I don't think anything will make you happy right now.
As I have always done, I try to be dazzling and write the funniest of comments to make you feel special. I am always sacrificing myself for the love of others.
NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love myself more at this stage of my life. I have way too much confidence to look for approval and affection from you. I know that you are just not into me.

Peace Out