Monday, May 26, 2014

Puttin this on blast

Such beauty in this world. Only to be met at times with such ugliness.
I have not blogged in a long time. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging about life.
I have someone whom I keep at the outskirts of my life who is acting really ugly. I am not sure what happened to this person in their life that fills them up with hatred. This person has a very sad existence.
This person hates me. With such passion.
This person says, and I quote, I wish that bitch was dead. He is refering to this bitch right here. Me.
As if he deserves to be on this planet more than I do. That my children deserve to be motherless. That my step childen deserve to see another woman die. Was it not enough to see their own mother die?
That my husband should bury another wife because my being on this planet angers this person so much he would rather me dead.
Sad. Just ever so sad.
This person goes around my social peers and spews his hatred. He doesn't care what gets back to our kids. His agenda is way more important that little ears hearing what he says.
This is his religion. His opinions are gospel. His hate is the doctrine he follows and believes everyone should too.
I am not he first to be his target. No no no. I am in the line up of what's wrong with the world.
In his path of destruction he is taking innocent people with him.
So I say, peace be with you sir. You are knocking on the door of karma and she is not kind sometimes. What you put out here comes back to you ten fold...good luck with that.


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