Friday, May 14, 2010

Travel Dazzle

I am home from another trip. This time Mexico. I think I am done for 2010, but I am thinking of 2011 already!
It has taken me since March to truly digest Thailand. I learned so much. I had time to stand or should I sit still for a long time.
When I came home it took me a week to go into my local grocery store, and when I did I started to cry. Mostly because the was SO MUCH STUFF!!! After being in a place that is so poor, yet so happy with what they have, I felt like a jerk walking into a place where I could grab anything I wanted off the a shelf AND have the money to pay for it.
I am sure I am not the first or last to feel this way, but it was my first time experiencing it and it swept me off my feet.
Thailand is a country of 95% Buddhists and it shows! Although since I have left, they have had some major marches and civil unrest, I would have to say they are peace-lovers. It has given me cause to think about Buddhism and read about it more as of late.
As for Mexico....
the land of eat and drink! Sunshine and sand. I swear my children's hair still smells like chlorine!
At this point I am happy to be in my home. Summer is approaching. I love having the girls home with me all day.
I will actually have a deck to sit out on this summer! Woot Woot!
Wyatt will be in kindergarten in September and Elliot will be in 3rd grade.
My feet will stay on American soil until 2011. I am thinking Turkey!!!!

Peace Out