Friday, March 08, 2013

In Sickness and in Health

i have been really sick this week.  i havent been this sick in a really long time. it honestley scares the shit out of me. i dont like to be ill. i dont like to go to the doctor. i have had enough of all that in my life.
i will say this, through me fever induced haze i have been introspective. through my larengitious induced throat i have been silent. both issues have taken me aback and caused myself to do a little thinking time under the covers. and with spring being on our heels, getting well feels like coming out of a cocoon. 
i would absolutely say that this was the winter of my discontent. it started in the fall and rolled over me like a steamroller. and i absolutely take credit for the better half of it. i wrote blogs how i wasnt taking any more shit, mostly to convince myself that i wasnt. did you believe me? if so, i am quite a convincing writer...if not, i really didnt believe me either. hows that for truth in publishing?
getting back on track...
seriously, as the sun starts to shine more, and i hear the birds sing, i think of their tweets as a battle cry of new beginnings. eggs will be laid. bulbs will burst out of the dirt the were planted months ago. my voice is coming back figuratively and literally. 
consider yourself warned