Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday Night Races

We went to the horse races again last night. The girls love seeing the horses. Of course they get french fries and sprite and that may be better than anything.
We have no big plans for the weekend. Working in the yard I suppose.
We are going to start church shopping. Tomorrow we will go to the first sale. See who has salvation at the right price. :)
Of course I kid, but really, it's about finding the right fit for our family. A and I were raised differently as far as religion goes and many other thangs too.
We feel the need to find a middle ground. We are not living my childhood, and we are also not living his. We are living the life we build together. A life that supports all four of us.
It's all a process you know. A journey.
I have the feeling that God doesn't care when, how, or where, you worship. I think folks here on earth are the ones that feel the need to control that. People are judgmental. You are, I am. We all are. We put our convictions on to others and that is wrong. Live your life as a witness and others will follow. Shove your beliefs down their throats and the will turn from you. Really simple.
Anthony went to a private Christian school, while I did not. Elliot will be attending a public school in the fall. This will be to the dismay of some folks. The only private religious school she would attend, would be a non-denominational school. It may be something we look at in the future, but not right now.
With all that being said, we will start our journey to find a church that we, A and I, BOTH want to go. It's a joint decision. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

Peace Out

Friday, May 25, 2007

Baby You Can Drive My Car

I have a new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love it! It's a Mazda5. Kinda a cross between a mini van and a sedan. Very sporty we think. It seats six yet we can put down the back seats and it's like a wagon. LOVE IT!!
Should we love a material possession this much? Probably not but we do!
Isn't your car like a second home? Especially if you have kids. We are in our car a lot.
We feel like the girls are safe and we have the room we need. I sound like a commercial.
BTW, No...You cannot really drive my car, but I will come pick you up. :)

Peace Out

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer Lovin'

Tomorrow is Elliot's last day of pre-school!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot be more excited to have any plans for three months. I have kept up the pace all through this winter with school, soccer, and chemo. I am now ready to fully recoup and get back to living the life I was meant to live. A healthy life.
Our time in Mexico was really great. The girls had a great time. It was a great reward after our long hard winter. It was truly special.
The car hunt is on and I will have news on that soon. :)
We have a new baby in the family. Welcome Braydon!
I had H last week and that is going on track. Though I will say it made me really tired this time. I would probably say my tiredness could be more due to getting back from vacation. We'll see how I feel next time.
Next week my neighbor Deena and I are taking our 4.5 kids (she's prego) and going to the beach for two days. I am so excited to just chill.
We put up our HUGE slide yesterday and the kids played for hours. Summer will be sweet.
Come on over and bring some towels and snacks. We'll be in the water.

Peace Out

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Human Napkin

Happy Mother's Day!
This day gives me pause to think about what it means to me and how I want to spend my day.
I read one time, 60% of moms would like time alone for Mother's Day. Pretty ironic huh? The day to celebrate giving birth, most mother's want to spend the day without their children. We are tired and worn down with constant requests. Could anyone ever of told us how hard this would be? Could they have told us this would be the HARDEST job we'll ever have?
Yet with all that being said, I cannot think of spending this day without my girls. They do not yet know the commercial side of this day. Nor do they really know that today of ALL DAYS, is NOT the day to be naughty.
My perfect Mother's Day? Being with my family, but without the responsibility. To enjoy the laughter and family time, just not the work. For one day I don't want to be the primary care giver. I don't want to worry about feedings or arguments. I don't want to bathe and dress everyone. I want to sit and watch the work be done while I actually get to enjoy the day, rather than directing traffic.
I want to be the fun parent. I want to be the one that lets things slide. I want to be the one that is all about candy and wearing whatever you want and not brushing teeth.
I love my girls more than air. I see the future in their eyes. I see hope and love and joy when I look at them. They are funny and with out filters. They have no prejudices. They are loving and kind.
Being their mommy is my honor and privilege.

For one day I would like to not be The Human Napkin.

Peace Out

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


We are here in Mexico having a great time. I found a computer today here at the hotel and decided to blog a bit.
After a long, hard, cold, winter here I am in sunny Mexico. I kid you not when I say, I did not think I would make it here last October. I felt so weak and sick that it seemed impossible to make it to this point. We are having a great time. the girls love the beach and pool. The food is so stinkin' good.
It will feel good to come home rested and launch into late Spring and early Summer. My awesome neighbor and I have bought the biggest slide/pool we could find and plan to sit on our cans and watch kids play in the sunshine.
There is also a new car in my very near future. Another thing to be excited about!

Life is good.